Pearl bra!

I started making my dream pearl costume. When I start making a new costume, I don’t sketch, but I did for this one. I’m so sorry! I can barely draw.


I’m still in the process of making the belt, but when I am done, I am going to make a blog for the belt.

First I used some leather to cover my bra base.


I cut a dart into the leather and used some industrial glue to put it on the base. Please do this in a well ventilated area so you don’t get as high as I did.


Then I glued on a swags of pearl trim. (Side note, I bought several dozen packages of this pearl trim from an after Christmas clearance sale. Such a good deal!!! That’s the only way this costume was remotely affordable)


I made a sassy center piece and its was done! The belt is going to be a ton of extra work.




I have already veered off my original sketch. Whoops!!

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